For the past six years we have been running a very successful Adult Sailing programme in which we teach adults to sail using our 1720 fleet. 

This has been highly successful and is always oversubscribed. It is also our most successful programme for introducing new members to the Club. 

All the skipper/instructors are volunteers, and we are looking for some more Members to volunteer to help us run the programme. 

The courses are run on Tuesday evening. Skippers need to be in the club by 17:30 hrs and we aim to be in from the water by around 20:15 hrs. Optionally there is then hot food and a drink in the bar afterwards with the participants.

Courses run for six weeks, and we would like to have the same skippers available for the whole six weeks, although we are flexible on this. 

We will be running an introductory session for new volunteers when we have a team together. 

If you would like to volunteer to assist your Club in this programme please email rearcommodoresailing@riyc.ie 

Each year we teach around 50 or 60 adults to sail, through the adult sailing programme. Upon completion of the course many wish to continue sailing and get more involved in the Club. 

We are looking to match these sailors with skippers who are looking to build their crew rosters. 
It is important to note that these sailors have completed a basic 'introduction to sailing' course and are not fully fledged racing crew. They bring enthusiasm and a willingness to learn but they will need further training, coaching and encouragement to help them improve their skills.

If you are looking for crew and can provide a learning environment on your boat, then email rearcommodoresailing@riyc.ie. There will be a briefing session for skippers before we host an evening where crew and skippers can get to meet each other and start the process. 

The Club will monitor progress from both sides and this feedback will be useful to help us improve the adult sailing programme.