Monthly meetings of the RIYC Military History Group take place in the Drawing Room at 19.30hrs and all Members and their guests are welcome. There is an optional supper €38, in the Dining Room following the talk at 20.45hrs. All members welcome. Book with Catering.

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Wednesday 22 March - Talk given by Matthias Strohn.

The Spanish Civil War (1936 to 1939) ravaged Spain and was, in many ways, a precursor to the Second World War. The international engagement of countries such as Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union turned it into a perfect training ground for the armies that would shortly afterwards go to war against each other. This is the aspect that is most often remembered about the Spanish Civil War, but it does not do justice to a bloody conflict that divided Spain, and which still continues to shape Spanish politics and society today.  

This talk will analyse the underlying reasons for the war and will show how and why the nationalists under Franco were successful in defeating the Republic. It will highlight the importance of the international engagement in the conflict, and it will end by showing that the war is not merely a historical event, but that it remains an important and dividing factor in Spanish politics and society even today.  

These talks are free to members and their guests and are followed by an optional supper €38. Book with Catering.

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