RIYC HOME TOGETHER - series of virtual talks


Series of Virtual Talks

The RIYC will bring a series of twice weekly Webinars via Zoom to you in your home as per the schedule below. In advance of each talk the Club Secretary will issue an invitation to all RIYC Members via email so that you may register to attend.  All talks include a Q&A session.
Every Saturday RIYC virtual racing will be held every Saturday at 14:00. This is a fun way to keep in touch with other sailors and hone your virtual sailing skills. Races take about seven minutes each and we aim to run six races. If you wish to participate please register at  https://www.virtualregatta.com/en/inshore-game/ and complete the ‘Sailing School’ section as per the instructions here. This is coordinated through a WhatsApp group. Please text your name to 087 1228665 to be included in the group.
Friday 29 May 60 years racing and campaigning in Dublin Bay and beyond by Tim Goodbody
Renowned sailor, RIYC Member and former Commodore, Tim Goodbody will reflect on over 60 years of racing and cruising. He will cover many different aspects of the sport, starting with crewing on a Dublin Bay 21 footer with the "old rig", to a Cruiser 8 Metre in Scotland with Peter Odlum in the 1960's to racing various yachts of his own starting with a Dragon, followed by a J24, Sigma 33 and now a J109. He was part of Tom Power's team on the 1987 Admirals Cup Team who were overall first in the Fastnet Race. This provided a very steep learning curve where he learnt the value of a good and committed crew all contributing to the success of the yacht and working together.
One the administration side of  sailing, 19 years as a "flag officer" of the RAYC was followed by a term as a "flag" of the RIYC. During this time as Rear Commodore Sailing, Commodore Des Rogan asked him to look at a format for a combined regatta with the other Dun Laoghaire Clubs with their respective Rear Commodores. This was a fascinating challenge has become the "show case" for the sport on the east coast of Ireland. Starts 19:30
Wednesday 3 June War and Medical Advances. with Dr. Peter Boylan. From flying ambulances to triage to modern day surgery, Dr. Peter Boylan will discuss the impact of war on medicine through the ages up to the current day. He will discuss how battlefield medical advances have been incorporated into civilian medical practice from Roman surgeons through to Dominique Jean Larrey, surgeon to Napoleon’s Grande Armée and father of modern surgery to World Wars 1 & 11 to Iraq and Afghanistan. Starts 19:30hrs.
Friday 5 June KIMBERLEY, THE MAN WHO BUILT HUMEWOOD, A story from the restoration of Humewood Castle, by Professor James Horan.
Humewood Castle was built between 1865 and 1870 by the English contractor, Albert Kimberley.  Kimberley’s role is well known, not least for a famous 5-year court case, where he jointly sued the castle’s owner, William Hume, and the castle’s architect, William White, for financial overruns during the construction.
Kimberley won the case, the first in England where a contractor successfully sued his client and the architect.
The talk recounts the background to this story and the extraordinary series of events which led to Kimberley’s descendants becoming involved in Humewood’s restoration in 2012. Starts 1930 hrs