Contacts in the Royal Irish Yacht Club

Congratulations to Miguel Walker and Mark Mc Gibney who have both started new positions in the Club.
Mark is the Sailing Services Manager
Summary of Role and Duties:
To plan, organise, control and be responsible for all the sailing activities of the Club in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Club and as may be directed from time to time by the CEO and/or Flag Officers and/or Sailing Committee and/or Junior Sailing Committee. Provide leadership to and motivate those employees under his charge.  Provide leadership and direction so that the Club has Sailing Services of the highest calibre in terms of (among other things) Health and Safety and professionalism.

Mark McGibney
Sailing  Services Manager
Available Monday - Saturday and phone/email  0879481707
 01 280 9452 ext 3

Miguel is the Club Bosun
Summary of Role and Duties:  
To achieve and provide through hard work and initiative, and with the assistance of marine operatives, a safe, efficient, up-to-date, professional and cost effective boathouse service including (but not limited to) responsibility for the maintenance and supervision of the Club's deck area  The Bosun shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of all aspects of Boathouse Services and for ensuring that all operations pertaining to same are carried out safely and professionally.  The Bosun shall also provide advice and be a resource to the Sailing Services Manager as required.

Miguel Walker
Club Bosun
087 794 3911
01 280 9452 ext 3

The rest of the Management Team:

Padraig McCarthy 
Chief Executive Officer 
Available by phone/email, 087 6643360
 01 280 9452 ext 7

Sarah Breen
Club Secretary & Membership
       Office open
Monday: 9-3.30pm
Tuesday:  9-5.30 pm
Thursday:  9.00-5.30pm
Friday:  9-3.30pm 01 280 9452 ext 2

Gareth McGinty 
Catering Manager for all your Catering needs
Available in Catering office or by phone/email
Tuesday -Saturday,  01 280 9452 ext 1

Bill Fitzgerald 
Financial Controller 
Tuesday - Thursday 9.00-5.30 pm, 01 280 9452 ext 5

Tahir Shiekh 
Accounts Monday - Friday 9.00-5.30pm, 01 280 9452 ext 5

Maeve Daly
Assistant Catering Manager
Available in Catering office or by phone/email
Tuesday -Saturday,  01 280 9452 ext 1

Club Officers

Commodore Paul Sherry. 
Vice Commodore Joseph Costello, 
Rear Commodore House, Jacqueline McStay, 
Rear Commodore Sailing, Patrick Burke,