The Royal Irish Yacht Club runs a very successful Beginner and Advanced Adult Sailing Programme.

The Adult Sailing courses in the programme are available to both RIYC members and non-members and are designed for people who are interested in:
learning about sailing, boat rigging, wind direction, points of sale, knots etc. 
advancing their knowledge of sailing
becoming a member of the Club. 

We will run three courses over the summer 2017 sailing season on Tuesday evenings, as follows:

Course 1 'Introduction to Sailing' -  11 April until 30 May 
Course 2 'Introduction to Sailing' - 06 June until 25 July 
Course 3 Advanced Course - 15 August to 05 September - on completion of either Course 1 or 2    
Applications for the above courses will close on 24th March, 19th May and 26th July respectively.    

If you wish to participate or know of someone who might, please email for the attention of Tim Carpenter or Jill Gibson.   Or call  086 2461904 

The courses are run in a fun relaxed manner, on Tuesday evenings

We use the club’s fleet of 1720 Sportsboats, pictured above
Course members participate fully in all aspects of boat rigging, derigging and sailing
Each person on the course receives a sailing manual – ‘Introduction to Sailing’
Numbers are limited, therefore more individual attention is available
Age is not a barrier to participation
We meet no later than 5.45pm each Tuesday of the course 
We aim to be back on ashore by 8.30pm
Bar food is available after sailing each Tuesday
There is a sailing supper on the last Tuesday of the course included in the cost
If conditions are not conducive to on the water activities, shore based or theory sessions will operate

As part of the course you will have the opportunity to:
Meet members involved in the Programme and integrate into the club
Meet RIYC Skippers, become crew on a racing boat
Be introduced to the shore based activities of the club, including social events, meeting members, dining facilities, and experiencing all the great aspects that a club does offer

Practical Advice / FAQ:
Participants are encouraged to wear plenty of layers, including waterproof clothing. Ski or golf wear is suitable initially. Please also bring a change of clothes / footwear
A buoyancy aid will be provided if required
A pair of sailing gloves are advisable, as are a pair of inexpensive sunglasses
Non-slip footwear is required
Previous Experience - Is not required, except for course 3
Swimming – An ability to swim is not a prerequisite of the course. We focus on sailing!  

Cost - €200 for courses 1 & 2, covering 8 evenings of instruction, and supper on the final evening. Included in the cost is temporary membership of the club, full insurance, and use of a lifejacket if required
Cost of Advanced Course - €135, 4 evenings of instruction, and supper on the final evening. Included in the cost is temporary membership of the club, full insurance, and use of a lifejacket if required
Payment for the course is through a link to the club’s payment portal, once notified that you have been accepted on the course
Please note that demand is usually high, so priority is given to new entrants’ and first-time applicants
Registration forms must be signed and completed on the first night of course, contact course co-ordinators for registration form 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jill or Tim on or call 086 2461904

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