EMBARR - Melges 24 fleet World Champion

Heartiest congratulations go out to star performers Conor Clarke, Maurice “Prof” O’Connell and the crew of Embarr, American 470 Olympic sailors Stuart McNay, David Hughes and Aoife English who are the new World Champions of the Melges 24 fleet.
In a 14 race series from November 29th to December 3rd Conor Clarke  and his Crew, came out on top of the 74 strong fleet sailing in Miami, Florida.

Embarr, had a runaway victory of 31 points clear of the field.

Speaking with RIYC Rear Commodore Sailing on Sunday night Conor expressed his sincere gratitude to all his supporters in the Royal Irish and across the Irish sailing scene for the countless texts, emails and messages of support which he received over the last number of days.

‘We got off to a great start in the Championship with a 1 – 1 – 1 on the first day and the team really put a monumental effort into preparing for the event and the actual racing. We are all pretty exhausted today after the exertions of the week and we let our hair down last night with the other crews enjoying the celebrations in Miami until the (very) early morning. I’m looking forward to visiting the RIYC around 15th/16th December but will be off again less than a week later heading to Australia so it will be great to get together with friends in the Club before Christmas' said Conor.

‘The Royal Irish continues to invest heavily in our waterfront facilities and our Sailing and Boathouse crew work tirelessly to drive our junior, adult and keelboat racing and cruising agenda – for all of us results like this are extremely satisfying as it shows that this effort continues to help support our Members and to raise the profile of the Royal Irish as one of the premier yacht clubs in Europe. Congrats to Conor – this is a wonderful achievement for him and for his crew.’ Mark McGibney, Sailing Services Manager at RIYC commented.

Rear Commodore Patrick Burke noted that Conor’s performance was one of the best he had seen in a long time at such a competitive level. ‘Eight bullets is pretty astounding when you consider the quality of the competition in Miami. As everyone racing from RIYC knows it is the preparation that goes into a campaign that determines whether the talent on board will win out against the fleet – in this case not only must the preparation have been immaculate but the sailing performance on the water proves that when it came to the event itself Conor and his team stood out head and shoulders above the rest of the fleet.’

We look forward to celebrating with Conor and the crew when they get home and wish them a safe passage in the meantime.