Boathouse Regulations 2014

The role of the Boathouse is to provide the best possible sailing environment for Members at a reasonable cost.

The Club has excellent facilities, which should cater for the sailing needs of all members. In order to provide this service to members the current general regulations governing the use of the boathouse and pontoons/moorings are outlined below, and also as published, after Committee approval, twice yearly, on the mooring and parking application forms.

Emergency Access

The side entrance to the deck is an emergency area and must be kept clear at all times. Under no circumstances should a Member leave their car or trailer obstructing this access. Vehicles causing an obstruction may be moved at the risk to the Member without notice and the Member charged for any costs incurred.

No car parking is permitted on the deck. Cars bringing or collecting dinghies, gear, etc. may only remain on the deck whilst loading or unloading. Vehicles causing obstruction may be moved at the risk to the Member without notice.

Boathouse Hours

Summer Working Hours during April through to September - During this period, boathouse staff are on duty from 0930 until 2030 (Mon – Sun) subject to daylight in September.

Winter Hours during October through to March - During this period boathouse staff are on duty from 0930 until 1730 hours (Mon – Fri)

Should a Member have a specific requirement outside those times, arrangements can be made with the Boathouse staff.

1.                  Application for Berth for Members Private Yachts and Boats:

  • The Club has available to its Members a limited number of Marina Berths, Pontoon Berths, Swinging Moorings and Dry Sailing Berths on the hard and these are configured to accommodate boats of varying sizes and are available for Member’s private yachts and boats which are actively used. The berthing may be reconfigured from time to time as demand requires and circumstances permit. However, any such reconfiguration would not be easy, particularly for berths on the water, and would therefore be a rare event.
  • Within the available sizes, berths will be allocated according to seniority of ordinary membership of the senior majority owner who is the active user of the boat and an additional year of seniority is added for every year such Member has been a berth holder in the club since 2000.
  • For marina berths, in the case of joint ownerships or partnerships, all of the owners should be Members of the Club and the senior Member for ranking purposes should own the largest stake in the boat. The Committee may at its discretion decide who is the effective owner / user of the yacht, and will allocate berth space accordingly.
  • In the eventuality of Members with equal seniority applying for a berth, years of other categories of membership will be taken into account and then preference will be given to existing berth holders.

Pontoons/Moorings/Dry Sailing 

Applications must be made on the form available from the Secretary in the early part of the New Year.  Payment must be made at the time of the application; otherwise, the application will not be considered.  Any payment made by a Member, whose application is not successful, will be refunded. If demand for any category of berth exceeds supply, they will be allocated as detailed above.

Dinghy Parking
All dinghies and equipment are to be kept in a neat and tidy manner on the deck in their allocated area. After sailing, sails and all other equipment are to be removed daily and stored under a securely fitted cover.
Breach of this regulation may result (inter alia) in the sailing committee requesting that the offending dinghy to be removed from the deck at the risk of the Member and future requests for storage may be denied.

Winter Storage

Application for winter storage must be made on the form available from the Secretary before the end of August of the current year. All Members with boats are entitled to apply.  Payment for storage must be made at the time of application, otherwise the application will not be considered.  Members will be informed as soon as possible the result of their application.  Any payment made by a Member whose application is not successful will be refunded.

2.       End of Season Procedure:

Parked Boats
The Club has a high demand for winter parking and wishes to give priority to those Members who wish to continue sailing over the winter months on a regular basis. Space is at a premium and therefore all dinghies and punts in summer parking spaces shall be removed from the deck before the 1st October. This includes dinghies that intend to avail of "Frost Bite" racing during the winter season. They will not be admitted back to the deck until a valid winter sticker has been issued. Any boats not removed shall be subject to fines.

Members applying for Winter storage and who do not use their boats regularly may be requested to remove them and provide space for another Member who will sail regularly.

Lifting Boats
Members should give reasonable notice to the Boathouse Staff of the date and the time when they require their boats lifted (weather permitting) for cleaning, repair, inspection, launching or storage on the deck. 

Owner’s Attendance:
The Owner or a member of his crew may be in attendance at the allocated time for the boat to be lifted onto or from the deck.  No person may be on a boat while it is being lifted except on the authority of the Head Boathouse or his deputy. If the owner cannot be present for lifting or launching, he can arrange with the Boathouse staff to collect, lift clean and deliver the boat to or from its berth or mooring.  The same arrangements apply to mast lifting and stepping. Charges for this service are published annually with the mooring and storage applications forms.

3.       Club Crane:

Use of the Club Crane:
A special book is available in the boathouse for reserving times for the use of crane. A check with the staff on duty will usually confirm the time requested.
Requests for the use of a crane outside of normal hours can be made to the Head Boatman.

The times and usage of the crane is governed by several factors, some of which are:

·         The normal crane operating hours during the Summer for the boathouse are 0930 - 1730 Tuesday to Saturday.
·         Schedule departure times to particular mooring areas and the service to our dry sailing Members will affect the time available for crane use, especially on race days.  
·         The number of boatmen on duty, which varies from day to day.
·         Sailing events, for which the ferry service will take precedence.
·         The attendance of boat owners or crew to assist.
·         Weather conditions.
·         Workload on the boathouse staff on a given day.
·         Limited berthing spaces on the service pontoon.
·         The Health and Safety of the Club dictates that under no circumstances is the Crane Operator to be distracted during operation.
·         Only authorised personnel are licensed to operate the crane.

4.       Cradles and Trailers:
All boats must be landed into a cradle or trailer which meets the requirements of the Sailing Committee.   All cradles must be capable of supporting the boat while in-transit on the deck.  All cradles (not used for winter storage) and road trailers must be removed from the Club’s premises within 48 hours of launch.  Failure to comply could jeopardise application for winter storage in subsequent years and the Club will make a daily charge for cradles and road trailers left on the Club’s premises after the free 48 hour period.
(Fines for parking boats/cradles/trailers on the deck after the initial free period (48 hrs) has expired will be implemented @ €15.00 a day.  Members will be billed monthly. Unawareness of this regulation will not be accepted as an excuse, as it has been in operation since 1997. Dinghies, and those boats required to have seasonal stickers for permission to park on the deck, will not be granted access without displaying a valid sticker issued by the Club Secretary or Sailing Manager. Dinghies left on the deck outside their paid term will also be fined on a daily basis.

5.       Cleaning Down and Fitting Out:
When Members have scrubbed down their boats during or at the end of the season, they are asked to hose down the deck to ensure that all debris is removed from the surface.  During the fitting out period, Members must keep the area surrounding their boats clean and tidy and must ensure that paint does not come in contact with any part of the Club's property or other Members’ yachts. Pump bilges into containers to avoid any pollution of the harbour. The use of sandblasters and spray guns is not permitted,

6.       Launching/Lifting:
Launching/lifting will be carried out under the supervision of the Head Boatman or his deputy, whose instructions must be obeyed.  Each owner, whose boat is stored on the deck, will arrange the date and time for launch or lift.  It is up to each owner to ensure that his boat is ready for launching or lifting at the specified date and time.  The Sailing Committee reserves the right to launch or move any boat at the owner’s expense on the specified date, whether or not it is ready for launching.

7.       Berthing:  Working pontoons at the deck:
Pontoon space is provided at the deck for using the crane and for essential and temporary maintenance. Space is severely limited, advance permission must be obtained from the boathouse before berthing alongside. Boathouse staff have been instructed to move boats that ignore this instruction. An hourly charge of €32.50 may also be imposed.

8.       Frost Biting:
The Committee has allocated space on the deck for the use of Members who use dinghies for "Frostbite" races during the winter months. This space will not become available until the winter storage of yachts is largely completed. Parking stickers will then be issued for the winter series. No dinghy will be permitted on deck without a valid sticker. After use, each dinghy must be kept in a neat and tidy manor on the deck in their allocated area. After sailing, sails and all other equipment to be removed and daily stored under a securely fitted cover.

9.         Slip:
Centreboard boats only may use the slip.  The slip must be kept clear at all times.

10.     Owners’ Equipment:
Owners must keep all their equipment in a locker (available from the Club Secretary). Owners shall not store gas, paints and other inflammable materials or on the Club’s premises.

11.    Bicycles
            Riding bicycles on the deck is prohibited at all times.
Bicycles should be left in the bicycle rack located adjacent to the side gate at the west on of the deck.

12.     Insurances:
Members are reminded that the Club does not accept any responsibility for damage caused to any boat and its appurtenances while on the Club’s premises or on a mooring and are advised to make sure that their own insurance cover is adequate. Attention is also drawn to the Indemnity required by the Club (see application form) and to the necessity that Members shall have adequate Third Party Insurance cover.
13.     Use of Electricity:
The use of 220/240 volts is strictly prohibited on the pontoons.  220 & 110 volts supply is available on the deck by arrangement with the Head Boatman or his deputy.

14.     Pets:
No dogs or pets are allowed on the deck or in the boathouse. Visiting yachts should, where practicable, be advised of the State's strict quarantine regulations.

15.     Children:
Children, who are not members of the Junior Section, must be accompanied and kept under control at all times on the deck and those under 12 years of age shall wear a life jacket or personal buoyancy at all times.  Children under 12 years of age are not permitted on the balcony.

16.     Junior Section:
Children will be permitted to take a boat on the water only when accompanied by or under the direct supervision of his/her parent personally present, or at the discretion of the Head Boatman or his deputy.  During the days on which tuition is given, junior members will take a boat on the water only by permission of the instructor.  This regulation applies to both helmsmen and crew. Incorrect or unsocial behaviour, or misconduct or skylarking will not be tolerated and may be subject to disciplinary action.

17.     General Conduct
Ball or other games are prohibited from taking place on the Clubs premises (including the deck area).

18.     Launch Service:
A launch service is provided to and from boats on Club moorings/pontoons only and the Marina.   For safety reasons, do not queue on the pontoons, please queue on the slip. This service is available during the boathouse hours, which, during the sailing season, are from 0930 to 2030.  If a launch service is required after 2100, the Member will be charged over-time at the appropriate rate. Crews should endeavour to assemble together at least 1 hour before their starting times.  Tenders will not service boats that are outside their normal club mooring areas and the boatmen have been instructed to ferry Members and crew to yachts on club moorings/ pontoons only.  On Sundays and other non-racing days, the launch service will be operated at fifteen minute intervals on the quarter hour. The Boathouse Committee may amend these regulations, when required, for busy ferrying times on race days, and any such amendment will be displayed at the Boathouse office.

Members and their guests must wear lifejackets whilst in or on Club launches at all times. Boathouse staffs have authority to refuse access to launches for those without lifejackets.

19.     Changing Rooms:
Members and their guests are requested to leave changing rooms in a neat and tidy condition. On no account should valuables of any sort be left in the changing rooms or lockers.

20.     Visiting Yachts:
Members are requested to inform visiting yachts that they should obtain the appropriate visitor’s card from the boatman before they can be informed that moorings are available.

21.     Complaints and Suggestions:
Any complaints or suggestions regarding facilities or service should be made in the Suggestions Book or in writing to the Secretary for the attention of the Sailing Committee, and not made directly to the boathouse staff.

22.     Sailing Committee:
The Sailing Committee is as shown on the Club Notice Board.